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BFBS Media Innovation creates leading-edge solutions that enable or enhance broadcast and communications in some of the hardest-to-reach places in the world.

Whether establishing connectivity after natural disasters or delivering media and educational content to remote locations, Not-for-profit (NGOs), government and charities call on our unique expertise to connect isolated communities.

What makes us different?

Nepal installation
  • Due to 70 years experience enabling broadcast and communication in some of the harshest environments in the world, we possess an exceptional understanding of remote regions.
  • Unlike many other broadcasters, we already have the technology in place to reach isolated communities after disaster.
  • No two installations are the same. We design bespoke, innovative and reliable solutions to respond to our clients’ needs, which are often complex and unique.
  • Our team's dedication to deliver solutions in extreme environments is unrivalled; transporting our kit on foot for miles is one such example.


Nepal villagers

Connecting remote communities

MiPlayer platform is an example of a bespoke solution we specifically developed to deliver media to remote locations where internet and mobile phone services are poor or unavailable due to lack of connectivity and infrastructure.

We do this via satellite or terrestrial means, and we also provide rapid delivery of local Internet Protocol (IP) telephony solutions.

phone in disaster zone

Re-establishing communication after disaster

Whether it is in the aftermath of natural disasters, conflict or other humanitarian crises, we help NGOs and charities communicate to and engage with communities to help them survive, recover, and rebuild as quickly as possible.

The sooner aid workers can contact affected communities, the better chance people have of accessing emergency aid and information on what to do to stay safe.

Communities cut off from the internet and mobile phone coverage due to disaster situations such as the devastating 2015 Nepal earthquake, which claimed almost 9,000 lives, have used our MiPlayer solution to re-connect.

Other ways we can help


Developing resilient communities

Organisations also use MiPlayer to deliver educational content. For instance, we worked alongside the United Nations to help capture traditional practices and broadcast them throughout a region to help standardise skills.

This kind of knowledge-sharing helps to strengthen communities by becoming more self-sufficient and prepared for future emergencies.


Supporting aid workers

Our technology also supports aid workers and volunteers by giving them media, information and communications on their personal devices, via WiFi and without the need for an internet connection.

This means people can stay informed and entertained, as well as access digital newspapers, magazines, training content and other publications.

Importantly, this connection to the ‘outside world’ when working in very challenging environments offers a morale boost, which is fundamental to people’s wellbeing and mental resilience.

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